Like a bullet in the back of the head

This inconceivable incident took place recently in Houston, Texas (a gun-totin’ city not unknown for its love of head shots).
A police man decided to arrest someone because he did not have any identification … (Well! that seems fair enough?!)
The police officer did a quick body search before putting handcuffs on him.
So that was the situation: A handcuffed prisoner was sitting in the back seat of a police car during a routine traffic control and was separated from the front seat by a so-called bulletproof shield.
And what happened next?
The handcuffed man pulled out a gun …
(A gun??!! I thought he had been searched??!!)
… pulled out a gun and shot the police officer four times in the head.
(Four times??!!)
(And what happened to the bulletproof shield??!!)
Thanks to a simple child lock it was not possible to open the doors from the inside.
So he sat there and waited to be arrested.
He was charged with cold-blooded murder.

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